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The Team

John Salgado
About John

John Salgado began his career in recording studios and the rental and staging industry. After traveling for many years he migrated to residential and commercial audio visual installations. This offered him the opportunity to partner with a diverse range of customers including houses of worship, universities, bars and restaurants, military and healthcare. Within a short period of time he was promoted to manage the engineering department and later the outside sales department of a local audio visual company. He has also earned various industry certifications including CTS, DMC-E 4K and ECA. He has extensive knowledge designing and implementing audio, video, control, lighting, data logging and surveillance systems. He started Smart Media Solutions in 2013.

Ben Slocum
About Ben

Ben started working in the news department at a local CBS affiliate in 1999 as a part-time videotape editor (actual tape!) after a few years he worked his way into commercial production and eventually ran that department setting a new standard for local commercial production quality in his market. In 2014 an advertising agency called Adverb Media Group hired him to produce exclusively for their clients. Simultaneously with his Video production career, Ben has designed and implemented several digital signage solutions and websites for customers locally and across the country. With the merging of web, digital signage, motion graphics and video production you need someone who understands where they overlap and has an overarching sense of design to bring it all together for your viewer.

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